Who is the 1st king in the world?

Who is the 1st king in the world?

King Sargon of Akkad

Who was the most feared king of England?

Henry VIII

Who was the most powerful ruler in history?

Genghis Khan

Who was the greatest king that ever lived?

Here are history’s greatest rulers:

  • Hitler.
  • Odysseus. In Greek mythology, Odysseus was the Greek king of Ithaca with achievements so great he was immortalized in Homer’s epic The Odyssey.
  • Caesar.
  • Alexander the Great.
  • Joseph II.
  • Genghis Khan.
  • Queen Elizabeth I.
  • Charlemagne.

Who was the most brutal queen?

Queen Ranavalona I

Who ruled England the longest?

Queen Elizabeth II

Who was the worst queen in England?

Here are six particularly ineffective ones.

  • Edward II (King of England, 1307-1327)
  • Mary Queen of Scots (Queen of Scotland, 1542-1567)
  • George IV (King of the UK, 1820-1830)
  • James II (King of England and Scotland (as VII) 1685-8)
  • Edward VIII (King of the UK, January-December 1936)

Who was the most loved king of England?

Who was considered the most beautiful queen?

Most Beautiful Royal

  1. No 10: Crown Princess Masako.
  2. No 9: Princess Margaret.
  3. No 8: Crown Princess Mary of Denmark.
  4. No 7: Sweden’s Princess Madeline.
  5. No 5: Princess Charlotte of Monaco.
  6. Nos 3 & 4 – Kate and Diana.
  7. No 2: Queen Rania Al Abdullah of Jordan.
  8. No 1: Princess Grace of Monaco.

Who was the prettiest princess in history?

The Most Beautiful Princesses And Queens In History

  • Princess Fawzia of Egypt. Wikipedia Commons.
  • Grace Kelly of Monaco. Getty Images.
  • Rita Hayworth. Getty Images.
  • Princess Marie of Romania. Wikimedia Commons/Library of Congress.
  • Princess Gayatri Devi. Wikimedia Commons.
  • Isabella of Portugal. Wikimedia Commons.
  • Princess Ameerah Al-Taweel of Saudi Arabia.
  • Queen Rania of Jordan.

Which type of girl is best in bed?

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Which country has most handsome man?

Top 18 Countries With The Sexiest Men In The World

  1. Turkey. Mehmet Günsür here shows why Turkish men are at the top of this list.
  2. Italy. Sharp features are a boon that the Italians share.
  3. USA. Their devil-may-care attitude shines through in their personalities.
  4. Spain.
  5. India.
  6. Greece.
  7. Russia.
  8. France.

Which state is most beautiful girl in India?


Who is the No 1 heroine in India?

Star Power Actress

Rank Celebrity No. of Movies
01 Kajol 1
02 Shraddha Kapoor 2
03 Disha Patani 1
04 Sara Ali Khan 1