What strain is monkey glue?

What strain is monkey glue?

Monkey Glue aka GG #4 is a perfect blend of sativa and indica genetics. While the start of the “high” was an intense sativa “wake and bake,” the later part of the “high” brings on the indica effects of calmness and blissful relaxation.

How strong is monkey glue?

Monkey Glue is a 70% indica that boasts sky-high potency and crazy amounts of sticky resin, yet is also quite easy to grow….Growers Choice – Monkey Glue: Super-Potent Legend.

Brand Growers Choice
Genetics 70% Indica / 30% Sativa
Parents Chem Sister x Sour Dub
Flowering Time 8-9 weeks
THC 25%

What strain is Royal Highness?

Royal Highness is a hybrid marijuana strain developed through a cross of Dancehall. This strain has a nearly balanced ratio of THC to CBD, so the effects are energizing and allow you to focus. Royal Highness has a smooth flavor that is fruity, spicy and a little skunky.

Is Royal Highness easy to grow?

These types of strains have been used for their anti-inflammatory, anti-pain, anti-anxiety and/or anti-spasm effects. Royal Highness is an interesting strain with an Indica structure but a more Sativa-like effect. It will grow to a height of around 80 to 110 cm, which is very manageable for most growers.

Who gets called Your Royal Highness?

On presentation to The Queen, the correct formal address is ‘Your Majesty’ and subsequently ‘Ma’am,’ pronounced with a short ‘a,’ as in ‘jam’. For male members of the Royal Family the same rules apply, with the title used in the first instance being ‘Your Royal Highness’ and subsequently ‘Sir’.

What strain is Jager?


What is a Scooby snack in drug terms?

Filters. (slang) Illegal narcotics, particularly “shrooms” (hallucinogenic mushrooms.)

What strain is face off?

OG Kush

What is cookie glue?

Cookie Glue is an evenly balanced hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Cookies with Glue Bx2. Medical patients choose Cookie Glue for its ability to calm body aches and pains. This strain has a particularly high THC content that creates a tingly and relaxing sensation.

How strong is gorilla cookies strain?

Gorilla Cookies is a quality strain for managing physical pain, nausea, and stress. Gorilla Cookies by Elev8 Seeds is the powerful union of Gorilla Glue #4 and Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. The pungent Gorilla Glue aroma is loud, but Thin Mint’s exotic terpene profile adds nuance to the bouquet.

What strain is gorilla cake?

Is Gorilla cake top shelf?

*top Shelf* Gorilla Cake is a hybrid cannabis flower offered by Hacienda Med Center located in Hacienda Heights, CA 91745.