What strain is MeltDown?

What strain is MeltDown?

Melt Down, also known as “Meltdown” or “MeltDown,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the delicious Bubblegum X Cannatonic X (Afghani X Skunk) strains.

What strain is cherry gorilla?

A cross between the legendary GG4 and tasty Black Cherry Pie strains, Cherry Gorilla is a hybrid cannabis strain, well-balanced in its effects. Consumers say to expect a strong, energizing high that lifts your thoughts just before a relaxing body high takes over.

What strain is Mr Clean?


What strain is face mints?


What strain is mac and cheese?

Indica leaning hybrid

What strain is gorilla grapes?

Bred by Dungeon Vault Genetics, Gorilla Grapes is a cross of Original Glue and Vino OG. It is a THC-dominant hybrid with a sweet grape flavor and diesel undertones. Medium-sized buds are olive-colored with deep purple and red hues, all covered with a sticky layer of white trichomes.

What strain is snow monster?

Is snow monster good for anxiety?

Snow Monster is an ideal medication for patients suffering from anxiety, sleep disorders, Crohn’s Disease, and emphysema, as it offers mind relief before reaching a state of sleepy bliss.

What strain is Cookie Monster?

What strain is the white?

The White is a potent hybrid marijuana strain known for having a distinct lack of odor or flavor. The White gives off a high that is usually described as providing equal body and head sensations. This mysterious strain—originally called “Triangle” and supposedly from somewhere in Florida—is aptly named.

What strain is gorilla cookie?

Is Pineapple Trainwreck Indica?

Pineapple Trainwreck is a cross between Shipwreck and Pineapple Express. It is a sativa dominant strain with a 20:80 indica/sativa ratio.

What strain is Agent Orange?

Agent Orange is a well-balanced hybrid marijuana strain with uplifting and motivating effects. Agent Orange has an aroma of fresh-cut citrus and is an excellent mood enhancer if you are feeling lethargic or depressed. This strain can be made by combining Orange Velvet with the bold Jack the Ripper.

Is Chocolope Indica?

Chocolope is one of the most fascinating products of the marijuana industry. The strain comprises of 95% Sativa, 5% Indica and a high concentration of THC, which makes it a high potency strain. It offers a smoky, chocolaty flavor that has an enticing effect on the smoker.

What does Chocolope smell like?

The cannabis strain called Chocolope (aka D-Line) is a pure sativa that tastes and smells earthy and sweet, similar to chocolate with a fruity undertone reminiscent of its parent strains.