What is the best pistol in phantom forces?

What is the best pistol in phantom forces?


What is RPM in phantom forces?

Rounds per minute, how fast bullets come out of a gun.

What is the max rank in phantom forces?

Currently, there is no set limit of ranks. Players may rank up as many times as they like. Each time the player ranks up, the player will receive Credits.

What gun should I buy phantom forces?

Primary Weapons

Automatic (680 RPM) or Semi-Automatic 3x Burst (900 RPM) or Semi-Automatic Automatic (800 RPM) or Semi-Automatic
AUG A2 K2 AK47
Rank 39 or CR* Rank 42 or CR* Rank 47 or CR*
Automatic (700 RPM) or Semi-Automatic Automatic (750 RPM), or Semi-Automatic Automatic (600 RPM) or Semi-Automatic
AUG A3 L85A2 AK74

What is the best starter gun in phantom forces?

– Ak-12: Amazing gun, perfect for new players. – colt lmg: Amazing CQC weapon, insane accuracy and fast reload. – m4a1: Low recoil, close range gun.

What is the best grip in phantom forces?

For Grips: I usually use the Angled grip for tackling high FSR, or high vertical recoil. For the Stubby grip, I usually use it for controlling high horizontal recoil. The Folding grip is good for reducing camera recoil but it will increase spread and horizontal recoil.

What is the best shotgun in phantom forces?

Remington 870

Are shotguns good in phantom forces?

Shotguns, in most cases, are exclusive CQC weapons. Possessing some of the quickest time-to-kill (TTK) in-game, these weapons will outperform almost every other weapon in CQC, and many different Shotgun variations, models and ammunition variations allow for many different strategies and game plans.

What is the best melee in phantom forces?

What is the best Melee weapon in Phantom Forces? SERIOUS ANSWERS: Banjo for overall use.

Is the AUG A1 good in phantom forces?

The AUG A1 is an ineffective weapon up close. Its low damage and fire rate make it hard to use at distances where PDWs reign supreme.

What are the best attachments for the AUG A1 phantom forces?

  • Angled Grip.
  • Green laser.
  • Default/Reflex sight.
  • Compensator.

How do you get the chosen one in phantom forces?

The Chosen One is a Two Handed Blade Melee Weapon in Phantom Forces. It is unlocked while rolling a Legendary while opening Cases.

Can you still get the crane melee in phantom forces?

Upon the map being nuked, all players present would be rewarded a copy of the Crane, to be unlocked once the player rejoined. As of 28 June 2019, this weapon is no longer obtainable.

What does stubby grip do phantom forces?

The Stubby Grip has the positive effects of aimed recoil reduction, as well as reduction of overall torque recoil, both in aimed fire and hip fire at the cost of handling stability reduction, which results an increase of hip fire spread and stability.

What does vertical grip do in phantom forces?

The Vertical Grip helps reduce rotational and translational recoil in both hipfire and aiming, meaning bullets fired from the gun will be closer to your point of aim.

What does folding grip do in phantom forces?

The Folding Grip is a grip that excels at reducing camera recoil, minimizing the kick so much it is barely visible.

What does a stubby grip do?

A Stubby Grip is a shorter version of a full size Vertical Grip. Such grips are primarily intended to keep a shooter’s hand from moving forward of the muzzle, as well as allowing more space for other attachments on a weapon.

Can you switch teams in phantom forces?

Switch teams. It’s as simple as that. This command supports partial names, so you can type p for Phantoms and g for Ghosts. The name of the team to join.

What is phantom forces based on?

Phantom Forces is a first-person shooter game made by StyLiS Studios. It is heavily inspired by Battlefield 4 as well as Litozinnamon’s older projects such as Call of Robloxia 5.

What are the controls for phantom forces?


Function Keyboard/Mouse Notes
Sprint Double-tap W Hold ⇧ Shift Sprinting never expires, and forces standing up.
Jump Space Use when crouched/prone to stand up.
Crouch C Press again while crouching to stand. Press while prone to crouch.
Switch Stance X Toggles between stand and crouch.

How do people move so fast in phantom forces?

To fix this problem, simply right before you stop, hold shift and w again (some people like to press shift then sprint, but directly holding shift and w is faster). If you do this correctly, you will find that you go right back to sprinting.

How long does it take to get to LVL 100 in phantom forces?

You’d only need 5,050,000 XP to hit level 100. If you’re capable of getting at least 1 mil XP a week you can do it in a little over a month.

Will phantom forces be on mobile?

Phantom Forces cannot run on mobile because mobile cannot run the game as smooth as PC rendering it at a disadvantage.