What does contend mean?

What does contend mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to strive or vie in contest or rivalry or against difficulties : struggle contended with the problems of municipal government will contend for the championship this year. 2 : to strive in debate : argue.

What’s the meaning of content?

If you feel content, you’re satisfied and happy. The first has to do with being pleased and satisfied (feeling content) or making someone else feel happy and at peace with things (contenting them). The other meaning has to do with subject matter: the content of a history class might be American history.

What’s the difference between happy and content?

What is the difference between happiness and contented? Happiness is generally defined as the experience of frequent positive thoughts, such as joy, interest or pride. Contentment is generally defined as a longer lasting, but a deeper feeling of satisfaction and gratitude.

Why do we call it content?

And that’s the first thing everyone should remember about the word ‘content’ — it’s a website term that was probably initially used by programmers to generically describe the stuff that wasn’t code, i.e., the stuff that was mere ‘fluff’ to them. Like, say, The Iliad.

Is content a bad word?

To say “content” is a bad word is to oversimplify. It’s disparaging towards some very professional and talented people. You wouldn’t catch someone in traditional advertising saying, “Hey, look at the great content we just created.” Copywriters bristle at the thought of being called content writers.

What is another word for content?

What is another word for content?

contented gratified
happy pleased
satisfied fulfilled
comfortable assuaged
blissful cheerful

How do you use the word content?

Content sentence example

  1. I’m content to just move forward.
  2. It will analyze and record the nutritional content of your meal.
  3. Her stomach was content , and she hadn’t thrown up.
  4. Arnie tripped, the content of his fist flying free over the boulders to the cliff’s edge.

How can I be content with who I am?

Here are a some tips for cultivating contentment in your life:

  1. Pause. When you find yourself unhappy with someone or something, pause.
  2. Stop buying stuff you don’t need.
  3. Show people you appreciate them.
  4. Practice gratitude.
  5. Learn to enjoy simple things that don’t cost money.
  6. Live in the moment.
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What is the use of content?

In publishing, art, and communication, content is the information and experiences that are directed toward an end-user or audience. Content is “something that is to be expressed through some medium, as speech, writing or any of various arts”.

What is the difference between content and contents?

Content is an uncountable noun. We use it when referring to the ideas or subject matter of something (e.g., the “content of a speech”). Contents is a plural countable noun. We use it for things in a container or for sections of a publication (e.g., book chapters in a “table of contents”).

Has been completed is correct?

Correct Answer Is: “work has been completed”. It may be PRESENT PERFECT TENSE or ACTIVE FORM. But it’s not a complete sentence.

Is it table of contents or content?

Table of Contents is the correct form. Leaving off the ‘s’ is simply a typo or a mistake. The contents of something refer to what the thing contains, like the contents of a jar, or a book. You wouldn’t say the ‘content of a jar’.

Is content pronounced differently?

Content and content are two words that are spelled identically but are pronounced differently and have different meanings, which makes them heteronyms.

What is a Homograph for content?

Content the adjective and verb (con-TENT) and content the noun (CON-tent) are a special kind of homograph called a heteronym: they are spelled the same, but are stressed differently and have different meanings, though they have the same ultimate origin in Latin.

How do you pronounce Urajiro?

First, lets get the pronunciation right! There are four syllables: u/ra/ji/ro.

What is the meaning of contact?

noun. the act or state of touching; a touching or meeting, as of two things or people. immediate proximity or association. an acquaintance, colleague, or relative through whom a person can gain access to information, favors, influential people, and the like.

What is phonetic contact name?

For Android: The process of adding a phonetic name to a contact in Android is almost exactly the same as adding a nickname. Just open a card, tap the three-dot Menu button, tap Edit, scroll down and tap Add Field, then tap Phonetic name. Is Siri or Google Now having trouble recognizing names?

How do you spell contagious?

Contagious, literally “communicable by contact,” describes a very easily transmitted disease as influenza or the common cold.

What is a contagious?

Infectious diseases that spread from person to person are said to be contagious. Some infections spread to people from an animal or insect, but are not contagious from another human. Lyme disease is an example: You can’t catch it from someone you’re hanging out with or pass in the street.