Is there a 100 indica strain?

Is there a 100 indica strain?

Pakistan Chitral Kush: This strain is 100% indica and it grows in the wild in a Pakistani province called Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. It stands out due to its spectacular resin production, making this plant one of the most used in as far as hash extractions.

What strain is daily special Indica?

About This Product

Brand Daily Special
THC 15.00 – 22.00% | 150.00 – 220.00 mg/g
CBD 0.00 – 1.00% | 0.00 – 10.00 mg/g
Plant Type Indica Dominant
Strain Name Not Applicable

Is daily special sativa good?

This sativa increases sex drive as well. Great, smokeable, clearheaded and happy strain. Get a good deal on this and drink coffee with it during the day (no noticeable crash whatsoever and the strain is pretty fragrant: citrusy and really nice). Not overly psychoactive, but a nice and fresh feeling.

What strain is Aurora drift?


Is Aurora drift good for sleep?

Aurora Indica, bred by Nirvana Seeds, is a 90% indica cross between Afghan and Northern Lights. This strain induces heavy full-body effects and a sedating cerebral calm. Aurora Indica is a potent strain for evening treatment of insomnia, pain, and other conditions requiring a restful night’s sleep.

What does Aurora drift do?

Discover how nature and science come together. We build facilities designed specifically to deliver superior quality small-batch cannabis. We guarantee that all of our products are pesticide and gamma irradiation free, and all of our cannabis is tested by an independent third, party lab.

How many Aurora drift gummies are there?


Are Aurora drift gummies gluten free?

AURORA drift offers gummies in grape, peach and raspberry flavours, each infused with a high-quality cannabinoid extract. Kolab Project’s soft chews are available in Grapefruit Hibiscus, Lemon Lavender and Apple Green tea flavours. These are free from artificial ingredients or animal products and are gluten-free.

Is Aurora drift sativa or indica?

Aurora Drift’s Daily Special Sativa.

Why is it called sativa?

Sativa is a Latin adjective meaning “cultivated,” indica is Latin for “of India,” and ruderalis is based on the Latin rūdera, the plural of a word meaning “rubble, lump, or rough piece of bronze.” Ruderal plant varieties are those that pop up first in an area that has been cleared of other vegetation or barriers to …