How much does the Seattle Bremerton ferry cost?

How much does the Seattle Bremerton ferry cost?

The ferry from Seattle to Bremerton costs $8.50 for adults. Fares for seniors (over 65) and children (6-18 years) are half price, only $4.25.

Is Kingston WA Safe?

Excellent. There is virtually no crime in this area.

Is Kingston Washington a good place to live?

although the bad public schools and nightlife Kingston is a great town its very safe and everything is super close, there are so many things to do outside when its nice in the summer how ever in the winter there isn’t a lot to do. I currently live in Kingston, Washington with my wife. We absolutely love the area.

How long is the Edmonds Kingston Ferry?

Edmonds–Kingston ferry

Walla Walla approaching Edmonds ferry terminal
Waterway Puget Sound
Carries Washington State Route 104
Travel time approx. 30 minutes (2018)
Connections at Edmonds

Is Kingston WA a city?

Kingston (formerly Appletree Cove) is an unincorporated community and census-designated place (CDP) in Kitsap County, Washington, United States. Kingston is along the shores of Appletree Cove and Puget Sound, and is home to a major Washington State Ferry terminal linking it to Edmonds.

How far is Kingston Washington from Seattle Washington?

89 miles

How big is Kingston WA?

5.387 km²

What county is Kingston in Washington state?

Kitsap County

What is there to do on Kingston island?

The top attractions to visit in Kingston are:

  • Heronswood Garden.
  • The Point Casino & Hotel.
  • North Kitsap Heritage Park.
  • Saltair Beach Park.
  • Hood Canal Brewery.

What island is Kingston WA?

Kingston, WA on the Kitsap Peninsula.

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