How do you use Big Bud nutrients?

How do you use Big Bud nutrients?

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Mix 5 ml per liter (1 tsp per quart) into your nutrient solution. This will increase solution ppm by approximately 300 ppm. Do NOT exceed the recommended rates for this product.

What does Bud Candy do?

Bud Candy also provides your plants with a useful boost in energy for those times like in mid-flowering when some plants experience an “energy slump”. Bud Candy increases the sugar levels within plants which not only increases the size and weight of your crop but also increases and improves the aroma and flavour.

Does PK 13 14 Make a Difference?

PK 13/14 ensures stronger cell formation, the production of enough sugars in the flowering stage, and increases plants osmotic value which improves the volume, weight and taste of your crop.

Do PK boosters work?

The major benefit of using a PK boost is that it encourages a plant to flower at a much earlier time than it would naturally. A PK boost will also help growers to get larger buds and fruits for increased yields. What’s more a PK boosters can improve the taste of your end product.

When do you use PK 9 18?

Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 should be used from week 3 of flowering through to the flush. Always shake the bottle well before use. For hydroponic use, make up your nutrient solution according to your normal schedule and add Buddhas Tree PK 9-18 at a rate of 0.25 ml/litre and mix well.

When do you use Shogun PK Warrior 9 18?

How to use Shogun PK Warrior 9/18: Shogun PK Warrior can be used from the fourth week of the flowering phase, right up to final flush (1-2 weeks before harvest time). Shogun recommend reducing the concentration of your base nutrient by 25 – 50% and adding PK Warrior at a rate of 0.5ml per litre of nutrient solution.

When do you use flower burst?

Flower Burst is used for the first three weeks of the Bloom phase, after which you can switch to using Buddhas Tree PK 9-18. Use it alongside your base nutrient at a rate of 0.25ml per litre and check your pH and EC levels as usual to ensure that they are in range.

How do you use Canna Boost Accelerator?

To use Canna Boost Accelerator as a foliar feed add 4ml/litre water and mix well. Spray the tops and undersides of leaves completely using a pistol-spray gun set to a fine spray. To use as a root-feed additive mix in Canna Boost Accelerator to your nutrient solution at a rate of 2ml/litre and mix well.

What is PK booster?

P-K boosters are hydroponic supplements that you feed to your plant on top of a regular base nutrient. A P-K boost is strictly phosphorus and potassium, whereas a base nutrient has both macro and micronutrients.

When should I use PK boosters?

PK boost, as in the PK 13/14 started by Canna, is meant to be used when it starts turning flowers into swollen buds, usually around week 6. It’s an additive not regular bloom nutes.

What nutrient is best for flowering?

Phosphorus, potassium, and calcium are needed for good flowering and fruiting of plants – like these zucchini. Here are some specific plant species and nutrients that are important for their proper growth and development: Garlic – Benefits from phosphorus and potassium for good bulb and root development.

Can you cut off fan leaves during flowering?

You can remove fan leaves during flowering in much the same way you do during veg. Prune away large leaves that are overshadowing bud sites, as well as dead or dying fan leaves. Pruning every day can forsake your plants to a perpetual state of shock that may impede growth rather than encourage it.

What nutrient is needed for root growth?

Phosphorus (P)

Which NPK is best for flowering?

Flowering and fruiting: 1-1-2, 1-2-2, 2-1-2. All-purpose: 1-1-1. Leafy growth: 2-1-1, 3-1-1….Ratio of fertilizer (N-P-K)

  • 20-20-20 fertilizer has a 1-1-1 ratio.
  • 15-30-15 fertilizer has a 1-2-1 ratio.
  • 10-5-5 fertilizer has a 2-1-1 ratio.

What does Canna Rhizotonic do?

Canna Rhizotonic is an algae based additive which helps to relieve plant-stress and stimulates rapid root growth. Used as a foliar spray, Rhizotonic is great for helping cuttings. Use with Cannazym for a thriving root zone. Can be used with almost any nutrient, medium and grow-system.