Who has the best Skunk #1 seeds?

Who has the best Skunk #1 seeds?

Sensi Seeds

What does AK 47 smell like?

AK-47 produces dark, very juicy and compact buds with an intense, spicy skunk-like aroma. You can smell hints of pine, sandalwood and some lighter citrus tones. Her smoke has a robust, strong and refreshing citrus flavor with some deeper skunk undertones.

Is Lemon Skunk exotic?

Lime Skunk Is A Classic Exotic Genetix Sativa Strain That Packs A Punch. They started with their Green Ribbon then mixed it with DNA Genetic’s Lemon Skunk. The result is a crisp hybrid that tastes of Sprite. Due to a high concentration of limonene and pinene, this strain hits like a classic sativa.

What strain is lime OG?

OG Lime Kush, also known as “Lime OG” or “Lime Kush,” is an evenly balanced hybrid strain (50% indica/50% sativa) created through crossing the infamous OG Kush X another unknown hybrid strain. If you’re looking for a super citrusy flavor with high-flying effects to boot, you’ve found it with OG Lime Kush.

What is sojay haze?

Sojay Haze by Cresco Labs is a powerful sativa with uplifting attributes. With pungent floral undertones and a bright citrus aroma, Sojay Haze offers uplifting physical energy and kind euphoria. Enjoy this strain to combat fatigue, appetite loss, and depression or as a helpful companion to physical activity.

What strain is blood orange?

Blood Orange Kush is an indica-dominant cross of, as of now, the unknown or unnamed genetics Aota x Pinecracker and an unnamed OG. This plant has a bushy structure that doesn’t yield much, but the dense, trichome-covered nugs are prized for their bright terpene profile and heavy effects.

What strain is white diesel?


What strain is Lemon Skittles?

Lemon Zkittle is an indica-dominant marijuana strain made by crossing Las Vegas Lemon Skunk and Zkittlez.

What strain is platinum gelato?

Platinum Gelato has balanced Indica and Sativa properties, making this the perfect medical strain. This hybrid consists of approximately 44% Sativa and 56% Indica. The appearance leaves no one indifferent. Due to the pronounced taste of sweet dessert, this mixture remains popular with a wide audience.

What strain is bubblegum?

Bubblegum Kush