What strain is purple punch?

What strain is purple punch?


What strain is Mimosa?

Mimosa is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Clementine with Purple Punch. In small doses, this strain produces happy, level-headed effects that will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated enough to take on any mundane task. In large doses, Mimosa may make you feel sleepy and relaxed.

Is Gelato 33 exotic?

Gelato 33 Premium – Exotic Blooms – Experience Washington D.C’s Premier, Exclusive Cali Medical Grade Flower.

Is Gelato 33 top shelf?

#33 Gelato Cannabis Strain – Top shelf Another top class strain from Kings Garden! Gelato is a product of the cross between Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies X Sunset Sherbet, two strains popular for their incredibly delicious flavors and aromas.

Is Pineapple Express actually rare?

Unlike most cannabis strains, Pineapple Express is well-known by more than just weed aficionados. A rare strain of weed—you guessed it—is left behind at the scene and can identify both the user and the dealer.

Is Mimosa strain good for anxiety?

The strain’s hazy, potent effects make it a candidate for treating anxiety, headaches, minor pain, eating disorders and stress, among other conditions.

What strain is Stardawg?

Stardawg, possibly named after the bright, sparkling crystal trichomes that blanket the strain like stars, is a hybrid cross between Chemdog 4 and Tres Dawg. Earthy pine with sour notes of diesel color Stardawg, whose uplifting effects may help patients treating stress, fatigue, and anxiety disorders.

What is the most powerful indica strain?

What Are the Strongest Indica Strains?

  • Strawberry Banana. This strain is quite potent and derived from DNA genetics.
  • Purple Kush. This is the strongest Indica strain in our list with a whopping 27% THC level.
  • Death Star. This strain is a cross between the Sour Diesel and the Sensi Star.
  • Ice Wreck.
  • G-13.
  • Kosher Kush.
  • MK Ultra.
  • Critical Kush.