What is a Grama?

What is a Grama?

A Grama is a Sanskrit word for village and grama panchayat is a local governing body in villages. Each Grama governs a particular village or cluster of villages. Generally these Grama attend to problems of drinking water, street lighting, drainage, primary schools, health centres, etc.

What animals live in the Hindu Kush mountains?

Animal life The Siberian ibex and the markhor (both wild goats) negotiate the high crags, while Marco Polo sheep and urial (another wild sheep) occasionally are found in the high pamir. Black and brown bears still exist in isolated valleys, and the Chitral valley wildlife preserve is a domain of the rare snow leopard.

Is K2 part of the Hindu Kush?

The list includes 4 of the 14 8000m summits, all in the Karakoram, including the second highest mountain in the world, K2. There are a further 19 Ultras in the Karakoram and 5 in the Hindu Kush over 7,000m. To the north are the Pamirs, and to the east the mountains of Tibet.

How tall is Hindu Kush mountains?

7,690 m

Which passes from a route in the Hindukush mountains?

These two passes provided the most direct, if difficult, routes across the imposing east–west wall of the Hindu Kush mountains which divide northern Afghanistan or Tokharistan from Kabul province, which is closely connected to southern Afghanistan and Pakistan….

Kushan Pass
Location Afghanistan
Range Hindu Kush

Which mountain range is located between Nepal and Tibet?

Himalaya mountain range

What is the height of Tirich Mir peak?

7,690 metres

Where is Khyber Pass?


What is the Khyber Pass important in history?

Khyber Pass, Khyber also spelled Khaybar, orKhaibar, most northerly and important of the passes between Afghanistan and Pakistan. The pass connects Kābul with Peshāwar. The pass has historically been the gateway for invasions of the Indian subcontinent from the northwest.

Who made Khyber Pass?

For strategic reasons, after the First World War the government of British India built a heavily engineered railway through the Pass. The Khyber Pass Railway from Jamrud, near Peshawar, to the Afghan border near Landi Kotal was opened in 1925.

Who built Khyber Pass?

Victor Bailey

Which Pass is the highest pass of Pakistan?

Khunjerab Pass

Which countries are connected by Khyber Pass?

The Khyber Pass Economic Corridor (KPEC) connects Pakistan and Afghanistan with Central Asia through the Khyber Pass. This route has been integral to trade in South and Central Asia for hundreds of years.