Is Magic Spoon actually healthy?

Is Magic Spoon actually healthy?

Packaged in technicolor cartoon boxes, Magic Spoon bills itself as a “healthy cereal that tastes too good to be true.” They hang that health hat on the fact the cereal has a great deal of protein — 12 grams per 3/4 cup serving — along with 110 calories and just 3 grams of net carbs.

What cereal has the least carbs?

Lower carb content

  • Cheerios. Cheerios have about 20.50 grams of carbohydrates per 1-cup serving.
  • Wheaties. An oldie but goodie, Wheaties have been around since 1922.
  • Special K Original. At 22.75 grams of carbohydrates per cup, Kellogg’s Special K cereal is a lower-carb content choice.
  • Annie’s Organic Frosted Oat Flakes.

What is the best magic spoon flavor?

cinnamon flavor

Is Magic Spoon Keto?

According to the brand’s website, Magic Spoon has 12 grams of protein, 3 grams of net carbs, is keto-diet-friendly and grain- and gluten-free. It has 110 calories per serving and comes in four flavors: frosted, fruity, cocoa and cinnamon. Ooo, most cereals have closer to 20 grams of net carbs or more.

What cereal is good for Keto?

Best Keto-Friendly Cereal

  • Kitchfix Grain-Free Paleo Granola | Vegan Plant-Based Protein | Gluten-Free, Low Sugar, Low Carb | Cocoa Sea Salt 10oz.
  • Seven Sundays Muesli Cereal 4-Flavor Variety Pack {12 oz.

Is popcorn Keto-friendly?

Popcorn can easily fit into a keto diet with a daily limit of 50 grams of net carbs and can even be included in more restrictive versions of the keto diet. Not to mention, if you’re following a keto diet to lose weight, popcorn only has 90 calories per serving.

Is Magic Spoon cereal FDA approved?

Rare Sugar in ‘Magic Spoon’ Cereal Gets a Hall Pass From FDA.

Which is better cereal school or Magic Spoon?

For what it’s worth, I’ve tried both and prefer Magic Spoon to The Cereal School. Magic Spoon uses Allulose for its sweetener and I found the taste and texture to be superior. The Cereal School is $50 for 24 bags (528 grams total), and Magic Spoon is $40 for four boxes (792 grams total) .

Does Magic Spoon cereal taste good?

Try this fruity flavor from Magic Spoon instead. The fruity flavors were tasty for sure and tasted like Apple Jacks combined with Fruit Loops with less sugar and more filling flavor. After a bowl of these I feel fueled for the morning as opposed to hopped up on sugary carbs.

Is Magic Spoon cereal good for diabetics?

Magic Spoon calls itself cereal for grownups. But it’s also cereal for people with diabetes, young and old, who are cognizant of their carb-intake. It’s a high-protein, low-carb, low-sugar cereal that contains coconut oil, tapioca, chicory root fiber, and monk fruit!