How many plants does it take to grow 100 pounds?

How many plants does it take to grow 100 pounds?

i am not saying it can’t be done because it can, but how are you planning to get 100+ lbs from 60 plants. you are aware that most plants average 2.5 oz… this means you need closer to 640 plants to grow 100lbs. to get this from 60 plants you would have to yeild per plant about 10 times the average yeild of 1 plant.

What is the cheapest crop to grow?

Top 6 Most Cost-effective Vegetables to Grow

  1. Lettuce. You may have noticed the price of lettuce has risen considerably in the past two years.
  2. Bell Peppers. Green bell peppers cost about $1.50 each at our supermarket, and yellow and red peppers are even more expensive due to their extended ripening times.
  3. Garlic.
  4. Winter Squash.
  5. Tomatoes.
  6. Broccoli.

What is the cheapest vegetable in the world?

1–9: Vegetables

  1. Broccoli. Broccoli is a cheap vegetable with an average price of $1.64 per head, and it provides some of almost every nutrient that you need.
  2. Onions.
  3. Bagged Spinach.
  4. Russet Potatoes.
  5. Sweet Potatoes.
  6. Canned Tomatoes.
  7. Carrots.
  8. Green Cabbage.

What is the most attractive fruit?

And perhaps you expect something less obvious than cherries as the sexiest fruit.

What is the prettiest apple tree?

Fuji apple tree

Where do apples grow best?


  • As with most fruit, apples produce best when grown in full sun, which means six or more hours of direct summer Sun daily.
  • The best exposure for apples is a north side of a house, tree line, or rise rather than the south.
  • Apple trees need well-drained soil, but should be able to retain some moisture.

Are apples hard to grow?

Growing fruit trees is incredibly rewarding. Sadly, fruit trees also have a down side because they experience pest and disease problems, poor production, and nutrient deficiencies. And growing apple trees is notoriously difficult. When growing apple trees, there are so many potential problems to contend with.

Which apples are the easiest to grow?

Tom’s favorites are the early ripening “Swiss Gourmet,” also known as “Arlet,” and late-season “Braeburn.” For folks who prefer sweeter apples, Tom recommends “Gala,” the season’s opener; the explosively crisp “Honeycrisp” and late-season “Fuji,” which he says is the world’s best-keeping sweet apple.

What is the lifespan of an apple tree?

100 years

How many years does it take an apple tree to bear fruit?

The average bearing age of fruit trees is as follows; apple – 4 to 5 years, sour or tart cherry – 3 to 5 years, pear – 4 to 6 years, and plum – 3 to 5 years.