What strain is Tropicana?

What strain is Tropicana?

Tropicana Kush is a potent hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with Tropicana Cookies. This strain features a fruity flavor profile featuring orange cinnamon, gas, lemon, and mint.

What triggered the Hulk?

In Incredible Hulk #2, the Hulk started to appear with green skin, and in Avengers #3 (1963) Banner realized that his transformations were now triggered by surges of adrenaline in response to feelings of fear, pain or anger.

What is Thor’s birthday?

Date of Birth 964 A.D.-965 A.D.

Who is Thor’s wife?


Does Thor have a child with Jane?

Well, as it turns out, Dr. Kincaid was the mortal Odin based his ‘blueprints’ for Donald Blake on. It makes sense that Jane would then fall in love with him, even if she didn’t have her memories of Thor at the time. He and Jane went on to marry, have a son, and then divorce.

Who is Thor’s true love?

Do Thor and Jane Foster marry?

Jane Nelson, known by her more common name of Jane Foster, was a nurse for Dr. Donald Blake, eventually developing feelings for him and Thor, not knowing that they were one and the same. Thor and Sif eventually rescue Foster and return her to Earth, where she marries Dr. Keith Kincaid.

Do Thor and Jane stay together?

In Ragnarok, Thor reveals that he and Jane broke up, despite the fact that at Dark World’s end he literally walked away from the throne in part because of Jane.

Did Jane Foster die in the snap?

Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster is one of them It includes a list of characters who died during Thanos’s fateful snap in Infinity War, which wiped out half of the galaxy.

Why was Natalie Portman not in Thor 3?

Natalie plays Jane Foster, a scientist and Thor’s love interest in the movies. While she appeared in the first two films–Thor and Thor: The Dark World, she refused to be part of any more films as she was reportedly unhappy with the role she was given.

How did Jane Foster die?

Jane Foster, in her mortal form, died after Thor defeated the Mangog. But when she stood at the Gates of Valhalla next to Odin in MIGHTY THOR (2015) #706, she realized that despite her sacrifice, she wasn’t ready to die. She couldn’t go through the gates.

Why was Jane Foster not in Thor Ragnarok?

While Thor: The Dark World did its best to incorporate Jane into the story, ultimately, she was sidelined. After about ten minutes of screen time, she absorbed the film’s McGuffin, the aether, which incapacitated her, drastically hindering her arc for the rest of the movie.

Why did Thor get fat?

“Thor got fat because he ate and drank too much and spent too much time sitting around playing video games and watching TV” is obvious and probably not all that helpful.

How did Jane Foster get her powers?

The shrine contains the shards of Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir, which was destroyed by Hela. Director Taiki Waititi has already confirmed that Thor 4 is based on the Mighty Thor comic book arc in which Jane gains Thor’s powers while battling with breast cancer.