What does WBU means in text?

What does WBU means in text?

the question What about you

What is JW in texting?

JW is a textspeak acronym standing for just wondering. In some cases, it is also used for Jehovah’s Witness. You wouldn’t want to give people the wrong idea Related words: jay dub.

What does KK mean?


What does FT mean?

ft. is a written abbreviation for feet or foot.

What does U Wanna ft mean?

there asking f you want to face time

What is texting slang?

SMS language, textspeak, or texting language is the abbreviated language and slang commonly used with mobile phone text messaging, or other Internet-based communication such as email and instant messaging.

Is BTW rude?

acronym for “by the way”. BTW, I’m 43 years old. BTW, you’re very rude. See more words with the same meaning: acronyms (list of).

What does πŸ™‚ mean from a girl?

The emoticon πŸ™‚ represents a happy face. It is also known as the “smiley face.”

What does the watermelon emoji mean sexually?

Where does πŸ‰ Watermelon emoji come from? This is all proves why the watermelon emoji enjoys a double life: it works part-time representing summer’s favorite fruit and part-time in texting and social media to refer to sexual activity or a crude appreciation for a woman’s curves.

What does pineapple emoji mean sexually?

Likewise, people ask, what does pineapple emoji mean sexually? The pineapple emoji is used by people posting about food and about pineapples specifically, about pineapple decor, and sometimes about travel. The emoji was popular on Snapchat for a while with teen girls to mean a β€œcomplicated” relationship status.

What does πŸƒ mean on TikTok?

The πŸƒ emoji is used to talk about weed in TikToks where stoners are either smoking or talking about something related to it. This is because TikTok’s community guidelines take down any videos with mentions of alcohol, green, s*x and swear words if they are not starred out or mentioned in a form of emojis.

What does the aubergine emoji stand for?

The eggplant emoji is also called the aubergine emoji in the UK and Japan. When paired with the mouth emoji, it means oral sex. When paired with the peach emoji, (a butt or female genitalia), it means anal or vaginal sex. When next to the sweat droplets emoji, it means ejaculation.

What does 😜 mean from a guy?

When a guy responds with a blushing emoji to something you said, he’s indirectly telling you that he adores your comment. It also means your words are channeling some positive emotions, which can eventually build into feelings. If he uses this emoji often, it means he enjoys your company, which is a good sign.