What does rummaging mean?

What does rummaging mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to make a thorough search through : ransack rummaged the attic. 2 : to examine minutely and completely. 3 : to discover by searching.

What does hospitable mean?

1a : given to generous and cordial reception of guests a kind, hospitable people they are hospitable … : give a guest everything, and leave him free to do as he likes— Bram Stoker. b : promising or suggesting generous and friendly welcome hospitable faces.

What does dolorous mean?

: causing, marked by, or expressing misery or grief. Other Words from dolorous Synonyms The Painful History of Dolorous Example Sentences Learn More about dolorous.

What does fascinated mean?

transitive verb. 1a : to command the interest of : allure was fascinated by carnivals The kids were fascinated with their new toy. b : to transfix (see transfix sense 1) and hold spellbound by an irresistible power believed that the serpent could fascinate its prey. 2 obsolete : bewitch.

How do you tell if someone is fascinated by you?

They Show Intense Interest In You

  1. They Talk A Lot Around You.
  2. They Find You Utterly Fascinating.
  3. They Ask You A Lot Of Questions.
  4. They Have Made It A Point To Find Out If You Are Single.
  5. They Listen When Others Talk About You.
  6. They Confide In You About Personal Details About Their Life.

What does yearned mean?

intransitive verb. 1 : to long persistently, wistfully, or sadly yearns to make a difference. 2 : to feel tenderness or compassion. Other Words from yearn Choose the Right Synonym More Example Sentences Learn More about yearn.

Is fascinated a feeling?

Fascination is a neurological state of intense focus, one that creates an irresistible feeling of engagement. It’s almost the same as falling in love. When you’re fascinated, you’re in the moment. Emotionally, you experience fascination as a feeling of confidence and clarity.

What rejected mean?

/rɪˈdʒekt/ B2. to refuse to accept, use, or believe something or someone: The appeal was rejected by the court.