Is High Times magazine still being published?

Is High Times magazine still being published?

High Times Magazine Resumes Print Publication After Five-Month Hiatus. Hightimes Holding Corp., the parent of High Times magazine, suspended publication of the historic monthly print edition due to Covid-19.

Can you clone off feminized seeds?

Cloning from feminized seeds is no different than cloning from plants grown from regular seeds. The cutting is an identical clone of the donor plant. There is no difference in the degree of difficulty of propagation.

What is stealth delivery?

Stealth shipping is when a vendor sends your goods discretely. This is normally used for drugs to decieve customs. For example a vendor on the dark Web may ship your narcotics discretely vacuum sealed to avoid smell then hide it in a catalogue or book for discretion.

How does discreet shipping work?

‘Discreet Drop’ works by shipping your purchase from any retailer in a box that is completely free of labels and return addresses to ensure that no one can know what’s inside. The ‘Discreet Drop’ discreet shipping service will pack your shipments in a completely label-free box that only has your address on it.

How long does SeedSupreme take to ship?

3-5 days

What shipping service does supreme use?


Is Seedsman a good site?

The website is excellent and very easy to navigate, with tons of info on every strain and many customer reviews as well. Overall, we definitely recommend Seedsman, but there are a few seed banks we like better. They all have a much smaller selection, though.

Does Seedsman do stealth shipping?

Seedsman has a wide variety of Discreet Delivery products that your seeds can be shipped with. The product is chosen at the discretion of Seedsman depending on the size of the order and the country of delivery. You can opt for a Discreet Delivery Product, Remove or Keep Breeder’s Packaging during the Checkout process.

Is it safe to buy seeds from Seedsman?

The majority of Seedsman customer reviews in growers’ forums and on Seedsman’s own website have been positive. However, Seedsman’s consistency isn’t as great as it could be, and a number of recurrent shipping and germination issues prevent us from recommending this company as a top resource for seeds.

What is the best mail order nursery?

10 Favorite Mail-Order Nurseries

  • Bluestone Perennials. Bluestone Perennials was one of the first mail-order nurseries that I purchased perennials from when I began gardening.
  • Brushwood Nursery.
  • Flowers by the Sea.
  • Santa Rosa Gardens.
  • Pine Knot Farms.
  • Palatine Roses.
  • High Country Gardens.
  • Geraniaceae Nursery.