Do I need to add Cal Mag to tap water?

Do I need to add Cal Mag to tap water?

Well-Known Member. to much cal/mag could cause a def of other nutrients! in most cases adding cal/mag to tap water is not needed. tap usually in most case has more than enough available for use.

Is Heavy 16 worth it?

Heavy 16 Fire is ok, just not worth the big money they charge for it. I got every bit as good results with big bud and possibly better. In order to give each nute an honest run, I would strictly run each brand, no mix and match. The Prime is some good stuff.

What is a heavy 16 finish?

WHAT IS HEAVY 16? Heavy 16 blends complex formulas into potent and concentrated plant nutrients designed to produce professional grade, artisan quality crops. H16 consists of a 2-part Veg base, 2-part Bud base as well as their additives Roots, Prime, Fire, Finish, and Foliar.

How do you do a heavy 16 flush?

To flush, drain reservoir 4-7 days from finish. Fill with fresh water. Add Final Phase at a rate of 2tsp. per Gallon.

How do you do a heavy 16 finish?

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: During growth and bloom phases, use at 2.5ml per gallon of water with your preferred nutrient regimen. During the final week of flowering, use 10ml per gallon with your preferred finishing regimen.

How do you use a heavy 16?

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Use HEAVY 16 like any two-part nutrient. Measure and add part A at the desired rate, rinse the measuring cup, then measure and add part B at the same rate.

How do you mix heavy 16 nutrients?

Mixing procedure

  1. Fill reservoir with water (filtered preferred, but not required)
  2. Add HEAVY 16 products in order listed on feed chart (shake each bottle well)
  3. Rinse measuring cup after dosing each individual product.
  4. Do not use airstones in reservoir: gentle circulation is preferred.

How do you use heavy 16 Bud A and B?

How do you mix a heavy 16 foliar?

Mix HEAVY FOLIAR with water at 40 mL/liter (150 mL/Gallon). Mist plants via spray bottle every 3 days throughout life cycle, stopping in week 4 of bloom. Avoid drenching foliage. HEAVY FOLIAR lasts only 2 days once diluted in water, so mix only amount to be sprayed immediately.