When should I start my green screen?

When should I start my green screen?

WHEN TO SCROG You’ll start to guide your plants through the screen as soon as they start making contact with it. We recommended positioning the screen around 20cm above the base of your plants, so their rate of growth will determine when exactly you start to ScrOG.

Can you SOG with Autoflowers?

Unlike SCROG, the SOG technique is recommended to be done with autoflowers or clones. Sea of Green refers to the end goal being a room filled from wall to wall, with small-sized uniform Cannabis plants. In SOG when growing a large number of plants together it is recommended to add fans.

What is the highest yielding Autoflower?


  • NORTHERN LIGHT AUTOMATIC. Northern Light is a legendary cannabis strain that derives from Afghan indica genetics.

What is a super Autoflower?

Super autoflowering cannabis or also called super autos are the newest development in autoflowering genetics. After many many tries they have succeeded and created a SUPER Autoflowering species that are basically regular species with the autoflowering gene in them that kicks in later in their life cycle.

Are Autoflowers worth growing?

A Pot for Pot always recommends autoflowering seeds for home growers, because they are cheaper to grow, easy to maintain, and provide a good blend of THC and CBD. With just a little light, the right soil, water, and some love, you can grow not just a beautiful plant, but also a great batch of marijuana.

What is the shortest autoflowering strain?

We reveal the five shortest strains of autoflowering cannabis seeds….Check out our grow tips.

  • Green Crack Auto 24-35 inches.
  • Grapefruit Auto 31-47 inches.
  • CBD Crack Auto 31-43 inches.
  • Fastberry Auto 24-43 inches.
  • Rhino Ryder 23-43 inches.

How tall do indoor Autoflowers get?

1-4 feet tall

How long does it take for an Autoflower to finish?

about 10-11 weeks

Do Autoflowers need complete darkness?

Technically speaking, autoflowers don’t need darkness because the Ruderalis is accustomed to 24 hours of daylight at times in the wild, depending on the season. They can be grown in any light cycle as long as the conditions are favorable in terms of temperature.

Why are my Autoflowers so small?

It may sound counter-intuitive, but a small autoflower can also be the result of too much light. The same light that you use for your photoperiod feminised cannabis seeds (on a 12/12 light schedule) may simply deliver too much light for your autoflowers under 20 hours of daily light.

How do you keep Autoflowers small?

Low Stress Training, also known as LST or to the more crass of us Bondage. Just tie the branches you see growing a little too fast down. I use really long pipe cleaners, but I have also hung fishing weights on them to pull them down gently. There are any number of methods u can use to hold the branches down.

How often should you feed Autoflowers?

If you are growing very fast-growing autoflowering strains that can be done in less than two months from seed then the premium soil will almost able to supply your auto plant with the necessary amounts of nutrients and you will probably need to feed them only once or twice.

Do you feed Autoflowers every time you water?

Soil type, drainage, chem or organic nutes,size and strain to name a few. But the short answer would have to be yes. You can feed every watering.

How much light do autoflowering plants need?

And since autoflowering plants have short vegetative phases and often grow shorter than photoperiod strains, you’ll typically want to give your autos at least 18 hours of light. This allows for robust growth, without overspending on energy.