What is the full form of OK and bye?

What is the full form of OK and bye?

OK: Olla Kalla or Oll Korrect This is a very common word used in conversation when we agree with the other.

What is the best meaning of love?

Love means to be deeply committed and connected to someone or something. The basic meaning of love is to feel more than liking towards someone. It is a bond that two people share. There are a few things you need to avoid when building a new relationship like being too demanding.

What is the full name of BF?


Does BF mean best friend?

BF means “Boyfriend” or “Best Friend”.

What is the full form of BF and BFF?

@andre123: bf= best friend bff= best friend forever.

What is difference between BFF and BF?

The difference between best friend and boyfriend is the attraction that you feel for your boyfriend but not for your best friend. You will usually feel attraction for your boyfriend but you will likely not feel the same way towards your boyfriend.

Can good friends become lovers?

Can friends become lovers? Yes, they can. If your friend has been hinting that he wants something more than casual friendship then you should pick up the clues about his feelings.

Is it okay to have a guy best friend while in a relationship?

It is absolutely okay to have guy friends. Basically, don’t do anything you wouldn’t like your SO doing. If you usually hug your guy friends and hang out alone with them and feel comfortable, then continue to do so! It’s healthy to keep platonic relationships with the opposite sex (assume you’re straight).

How do you know if it’s love or friendship?

Friendship vs. As was said above, what mainly separates love and friendship is the sexual aspect between the two people. In friendship, there is no sexual desire, whereas in love, there is. When you’re in love, you want to make plans with each other, move forward together, do everything together.

How do you know someone loves you even if they don’t say it?

10 Signs He Loves You Even If He Doesn’t Say The Words

  • You catch him looking at you for no reason in particular.
  • He values your opinion.
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  • He goes out of his way to take care of you.
  • He listens even when what you’re saying has nothing to do with him.
  • He remembers the details.
  • He’s physical about it.