What is the best cherry soda?

What is the best cherry soda?

Top 7 Best Cherry Soda Pop

  • Towne Club Michigan Cherry.
  • Henry Weinhard’s Black Cherry Cream.
  • Boom Chugga Lugga Cherry Root Bear.
  • Sprecher Cherry Cola.
  • Virgil’s Black Cherry Cream.
  • Stewart’s Black Cherry Soda.
  • Americana Black Cherry Soda.

Is cheerwine like Cherry Coke?

“It’s got a depth of flavor with this cherry beginning and a root-y ending — almost like a cross between Cherry Coke and Dr Pepper, but better, obviously,” says N.C. chef/restaurateur and A Chef’s Life star Vivian Howard. Beyond its unique flavor, Cheerwine fans claim it’s also more carbonated than other types of soda.

What’s the oldest soda?

Dr Pepper

Is Cheerwine a Southern thing?

It’s an official part of a Southern Handshake In 2015, they made it official when the National Barbecue Association named Cheerwine as its official soft drink.

What soft drink originated in North Carolina?


Why is it called Cheerwine?

Sugar had been rationed due to World War I, so Peeler used cherry flavoring to help sweeten his new soda, which he called Cheerwine: getting the ‘cheer’ because he deemed it a “pleasure” to drink, and ‘wine’ because of its deep burgundy color.

Does Coke own Cheerwine?

Cheerwine is a cherry-flavored soft drink by Carolina Beverage Corporation of Salisbury, North Carolina. It has been produced since 1917, claiming to be “the oldest continuing soft drink company still operated by the same family”….Cheerwine.

Type Soft drink
Color Burgundy
Flavor Black cherry

What flavor is Dr Pepper?


Who sells Cheerwine soda?

Cracker Barrel & World Market

What is Cheerwine holiday punch?

Our Cheerwine Holiday Punch 2-Liter bottle combines the one-of-a-kind flavor of Cheerwine with Ginger Ale and Pineapple Juice. This smooth and refreshing Cheerwine Punch has been a family recipe for generations and it is now available in a ready-to-serve 2-Liter bottle. It’s the Holiday Cheerwine style!

What flavor is Cheerwine holiday punch?

Cheerwine Holiday Punch comes out every year but is only available during the holiday season. It blends the original flavor of the cherry soda with the spice of ginger ale and the tang of pineapple. That’s the perfect base of flavor for Peters’ boozy holiday punch.

Is there caffeine in Cheerwine?

Cheerwine and Diet Cheerwine have 3.94 mg/ounce of caffeine. We do have a Caffeine-Free variety of Cheerwine; learn more here.

What does Cheerwine Holiday Punch taste like?

The wild cherry, effervescent taste of Cheerwine is a staple of Carolina culture, and Cheerwine Holiday Punch joins that iconic flavor with bright, bubbly ginger ale and tangy pineapple. Harper offers a few tried-and-true tips for making Cheerwine Punch extra-festive for holiday celebrations.

What is Diet Cheerwine?

Diet Cheerwine is a carbonated cola beverage made by Carolina Beverage Corp. in NC, USA. The drink is a burgundy colored cherry flavor. It is sweetened with Splenda (sucralose), and Ace-k.

How do you get Cheerwine?

Nationwide, all Cracker Barrel General Stores, Cost Plus World Market (beverage section) and The Fresh Market carry Cheerwine glass bottles. Many major grocery stores also carry Cheerwine at select locations.

Is there cheerwine in California?

It’s now available in most of the United States product, including Diet Cheerwine, in stores from California to Maine.

Does cheerwine have red dye?

L.D. Peeler created Cheerwine in 1917 in Salisbury, North Carolina amid a sugar shortage. With a burgundy-red color and cheery disposition, the name “Cheerwine” simply made sense. The taste sensation known as Cheerwine was born.

Where is Coke invented?

Atlanta, Georgia

Can I order Cheerwine online?

Official Store – Buy Cheerwine Soda and Apparel Online – Cheerwine.com.

Does Kroger sell Cheerwine?

Kroger – Cheerwine Specialty Sodas in Beverages Department.