What does Gorilla Zkittlez taste like?

What does Gorilla Zkittlez taste like?

To many indica lovers, Gorilla Zkittlez might seem like the stuff of dreams….CHARACTERISTICS OF GORILLA ZKITTLEZ.

Genetics 40% Sativa, 60% Indica
Parents Gorilla Glue x Zkittlez
THC 24%
Flavours Sweet, Candy, Floral, Hoppy

Is Gorilla Zkittlez good for pain?

Physical benefits include relief from both chronic pain and minor, everyday irritation. Zkittlez can also cause a surge in appetite, helping out those who have lost their hunger to disease or to treatments like chemotherapy.

How strong is gorilla Zkittlez?

Gorilla Zkittlez possesses the same insane resin coat as GG4, a true ocean of trichomes spills over the plants. But they leave a lasting impression on growers thanks to their above-average yields, too: boat-loads! Up to 500-700g / m2 make them potential heavyweights.

What strain is Zkittlez glue?


How do you grow Zkittlez glue?

How is Zkittlez Glue cultivated? Indoors place it in pots of 2,9 US gal (11 liters), you will obtain specimens of medium height, very manageable, with a great central stem where it will accumulate good part of the production, forming a long apical tail that later facilitates much the task of manicuring.

Is Zkittlez a hybrid?

ZKittlez is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the deliciously powerful Grape Ape X Grapefruit strains. Although the exact indica to sativa ratio varies based on breeder practices, ZKittlez has been measured consistently at having a low THC level of 15%.

Is Zkittlez good for anxiety?

The chunky colas explode in a spectrum of light green hues and emit a sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavors. The effects of Zkittlez are calming, leaving consumers focused, alert, and happy while relaxing the body to help unwind any time of day.