What does Boto in Hawaiian mean?

What does Boto in Hawaiian mean?

the general groin area

What does Akamai mean in Hawaiian?

Akamai, pronounced “ah-ka-my”) is Hawaiian for intelligent, or “cool.”

What is Malama?

Mālama – to take care of, tend, attend, care for, preserve, protect. Mālamalama – (reduplication of mālama); light of knowledge, clarity of thinking or explanation, enlightenment. Hawaiian Dictionary by Mary Kawena Pukui and Samuel H. Elbert (1986)

What is Aloha Kakou?

“Aloha kakou” means “Greetings between you and I”. “Aloha nui loa” means “With much love” or “Warm greetings”. “Me ke aloha pumehana” means “With warm regards”. “Malama Pono” means “Take care of yourself”, “Aloha ea e, Keoni” means “Greetings to you, John”.

What does Aloha Mai Kakou mean?

Hello from me and all of you

What is lokahi?

The literal definition of lokahi is unity, agreement or accord. In traditional Hawaiian healing, the Lokahi Triangle is about achieving harmony in three areas: mentally, physically and spiritually. But lokahi also means living in harmony with the world around us.

What does laulima mean in Hawaiian?

many hands working together

What is the Hawaiian word for teamwork?


What are the Hawaiian values?

Na Waiwai (Hawaiian Values)

  • AHONUI – Patience, expressed with tenderness.
  • AKAHAI – Unassuming, unpretentious, lack of arrogance, pleasant, polite, gentle and modest.
  • ALOHA – Hello, Farewell, greeting, love.
  • HA’AHA’A – Humility, to be humble, the concept of humility, a core value of the Hawaiian people.

What is unique about Hawaiian culture?

Hawaiian culture is an ancient blend of ethnic influences and unique tradition. Much more than spectacular sunsets, beautiful beaches and wordclass surfing, the Hawaiian culture influences everything from language and religion to fashion and cuisine.

What is the main culture in Hawaii?

The culture of the Native Hawaiians is about 1,500 years old and has its origins in the Polynesians who voyaged to and settled Hawaii. Polynesia is made of multiple islands that include Hawaii, New Zealand, Samoa, among others within the Pacific Ocean.

Why is Hawaiian culture important?

Hawaiian Arts & Culture: The Expression of Aloha Today, Hawaiian culture may hold many of the answers sought in a rapidly changing world. The spirit of aloha – being in the presence of and sharing the essence of life – teaches us lessons of peace, kindness, compassion and responsibility to future generations.

What is Hawaii’s nickname?


What gods do Hawaiians worship?

All Hawaiians, whether chief or common people, worshipped four major gods: Kū, Kane, Lono, and Kanaloa (Malo 1951).

What is the traditional Hawaiian clothing?

Living in a benign climate, Hawaiian requirements for shelter and clothing were minimal. The basic garments were a malo, or loincloth, for men, a pa`u, or skirt, for women and a rectangular shawl or kihei for both. All were made of kapa, a barkcloth made from wauke, mamaki, oloa, `akala, or hau plant fibers.

What do Hawaiian Ladies wear?

Hawaiian print shirts for men and floral dresses for women are the easiest and most comfortable choices. When paired with khaki shorts or slacks, the aloha shirt goes from casual to dressy. For a conservative look, women can wear a traditional muʻumuʻu or long dress with floral print or a sarong.

What is a Hawaiian dress called?


What is a Hawaiian Malo?

(Entry 1 of 2) : a loincloth that is now worn by Hawaiian men only on ceremonial occasions — compare maro.

What is the Hawaiian skirt called?

hula skirt

How do you make Hawaiian Malo?

To put on a malo the man holds the end that is to be the front flap under his chin. He passes the free end between his legs and holds it with one hand against his back while he wraps the remaining portion around his waist until it meets the fold in back and can be slipped underneath it.

What do Hawaiian guys wear?

In Hawaii, men’s attire for business or formal occasions can be as simple as an aloha shirt and shorts or light slacks. High-end Aloha shirts made by Sig Zane of Hilo are favored by politicians, dignitaries and businessmen who appreciate his contemporary Hawaiian pullover and button-down shirts made of silk fabrics.

Do Hawaiians actually wear Hawaiian shirts?

People in Hawaii wear what we call aloha shirts for formal events. They are shirts with Hawaiian prints, fish, or sometimes just Hawaiian related things on them. But on a daily basis, unless you are low on normal T-shirts and shorts, then no, we don’t usually wear collared Hawaiian shirts.

How do I not look like a tourist in Hawaii?

How to Not Scream You Are Tourist in Hawaii

  1. There is Such a Thing as Beach Etiquette. Always malama ka ʻaina or in other words, take care of the land.
  2. Ditch the Digital Devices. Stop taking so many photos!
  3. Get Rid of Your Tan Lines.
  4. Don’t Lock Your Car Doors.
  5. Smile at Strangers.
  6. Slow Down.
  7. Strip Down.
  8. Take Your Shoes Off Indoors.

What do Native Hawaiians call themselves?

Native Hawaiians call themselves Kanaka Maoli. They are descendants of the early Polynesians who arrived in these islands 1500-2000 years ago.