Is Pacific Seed Bank Good?

Is Pacific Seed Bank Good?

Pacific Seed Bank has an impressive selection of seeds, a decent germination rate guarantee, speedy worldwide shipping, and an easy-to-use website. However, their poor customer service and terrible reviews mean I can’t recommend them.

Can I trust Pacific Seed Bank?

Please stay away from PACIFIC SEED BANK they are SCAMMERS!

How long does Crop King Seeds take?

around 3 to 7 days

Are Crop King Autoflower feminized?

More About Autoflower Mixed Marijuana This time, we have decided to come up with a mix & match pack of the cream of the crop. Our autoflowering feminized strains come in a wide variety of growing difficulties, characteristics, effects, and more.

Where is Seedsman seed bank located?


Does Seedsman take cash?

We offer a number of payment options to our customers including Bitcoin, Debit/Credit Card, Bank Transfer, Money Order, Cash and Check. For the most up to date information, promotions and specials, take a look at our payment information page below.

Does Seedsman use PayPal?

Unfortunately, we do not accept PayPal as a method of payment. However, we have a number of other payment options. For the most up to date payment information, promotions and specials, why not take a look at our payment information page below.

Does Seedsman take money orders?

We can accept Western Union and MoneyGram checks and money orders only. No cash wires Please.

How long does it take for money order to deliver?

If you are delivering the money order in person and the recipient is redeeming it for cash, the entire process can realistically be completed in under an hour or two. Mailing a money order can take about a week, and if you need a replacement or refund for the money order, this can take up to 60 days.

How long before you can cash a money order?

one to three years

How long does a money order take?

The cost is $18, and the process may take around 30 days. Again, it’s best if you keep your receipt when you buy a money order.

Do money orders clear immediately?

The cashier’s check and money order cleared the fastest — the money was immediately available since both of them are considered guaranteed funds. It’s also safer than a personal check.