Is alien an OG?

Is alien an OG?

First available as a clone in California’s Bay Area and now in seed form from Cali Connection, Alien OG is a hybrid cross of Tahoe OG and Alien Kush. Alien OG has the typical lemon and pine OG smell and flavor, and its intense high combines heavy body effects and a psychedelic cerebral buzz.

Is alien OG Autoflower?

Do not underestimate the cerebral buzz that comes with THC levels around 27%.

How strong is alien OG?

Also known as Alien OG Kush, this cannabis strain is an indica-dominant hybrid. Its name derives from its incredible average THC potency which rests at 28%, which many have described as out-of-this-world.

Is alien OG easy to grow?

If you have a high cannabis tolerance and want to try your hand at growing, Alien OG seems like an ideal candidate. However, it is moderately difficult to cultivate.

How do you grow Alien OG?

Grow techniques: A hydroponic setup can give Alien OG the precise nutrients it needs to flourish. Topping the plant promotes bushy growth and will lead to high yields in an SOG (sea of green) setup. Climate: Alien OG buds are dense, meaning humidity needs to be monitored to prevent possible mold buildup.

What is alien OG?

Alien OG (also called Alien OG Kush) is a hybrid strain originally bred by Obsol33te and is currently available from West Coast seed bank Cali Connection. It reportedly tastes like lemon and kush. The strain is an F1 Hybrid of an Alien Kush male from breeder Obsol33te crossed with a Tahoe OG female.

What is alien crossed with?

Story: Alien OG is a cross with Kyle Kushman’s Las Vegas Purple Kush and the original Tahoe OG cut, which some believe to be the original OG Kush from the Afghani Hindu Kush land-race strain. The Alien OG cross was created and developed by Swerve of Cali Connection.

Does alien turn purple?

Though it’s said to require intermediate growing skills, Purple Alien OG can be grown either indoors or outdoors, and is well-suited to withstand cooler outdoor climates. The strain is reported to grow to a medium height, producing thick, cone-shaped, purple-hued buds in a 56-63 day flowering period.

Where can I buy Alien OG?

Where to Buy Alien OG Cannabis Strain Near You

  • Acres Las Vegas, NV (10.90 mi) Open until 3:00am.
  • Curaleaf – Las Vegas Las Vegas, NV (11.60 mi) Open until 3:00am.
  • Cultivate Las Vegas, NV (10.00 mi) Open until 12:00am.
  • The Dispensary – Henderson Henderson, NV (20.70 mi) Open until 11:00pm.