How much does an 8th of OG Kush cost?

How much does an 8th of OG Kush cost?

And demand is high. So when it comes to OG Kush prices, you can expect to shell out an average of $13 per gram, or $242 an ounce….Average OG Kush Prices in 6 Cities.

Location National
Eighth $40
Quarter $75
Half $145
Ounce $242

How much is an ounce of platinum OG Kush?

Compare Prices for Platinum Og

Gram price 9.00 Karmaceuticals Medical 661 miles
Quarter price 35.00 Burnzwell MMC Medical 661 miles
Half ounce price 70.00 Burnzwell MMC Medical 661 miles
Ounce price 100.00 Burnzwell MMC Medical 661 miles
Unit price 6.00 Green Spot Delivery Medical 1461 miles

What is a platinum strain?

Platinum Kush is an indica marijuana strain made by crossing OG Kush with Afghani. This strain takes on a platinum-silver shade due to its thick coat of crystal resin. With purple hues and bright orange hairs, its buds grow dense with a sweet fruity and hashy aroma.

What is Platinum OG?

The powerful effects include a calming body buzz with couch-lock, euphoria, happiness, and intense sleepiness. This makes Platinum OG a good medication for insomnia, as well as anxiety, low mood, ADHD, inflammation, migraine headaches, mood swings, and muscle spasms.

Does Platinum OG make you tired?

When taken in larger doses, Platinum OG acts as an intense sleeping pill, resulting in a long and deep night’s sleep.

Is platinum a hybrid OG?

Platinum OG is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain that derives its name from the shimmery silver coating of trichome crystals it bares when harvest-ready. Underneath this layer one can find lime green buds and orange hairs. The parent strains are a combination of the indica Master Kush and hybrid OG Kush.

How much CBD is in platinum OG?

Platinum OG is purported to stem from three strains and a third unknown secret parent. Flowers are lime green and plump, dense with prominent orange hairs and a platinum coating, thanks to the abundance of crystals. The smell and taste is very strong….Platinum OG.

Weight 0.028 kg
CBD % 8.90%
THC % <0.002

Are Platinum Kush and platinum og the same?

Platinum Kush, also known as Platinum OG, is a West Coast staple that first emerged in the early 1990s as a hybrid of Master Kush with the landrace Afghani.

How many platinum strains are there?

67 Platinum Strains

Name of the strain breeder
Platinum Afropips Seeds 50
Platinum In House Genetics 60
Platinum Alien OG Pacific NW Roots 67
Platinum Banana Cookies Riot Seeds 70

Is Platinum OG good?

Platinum OG’s effects tend to start out high, elevating and easing the mind, but they quickly turn low often having a sedative effect on users and should be used with caution. Because of this it makes great night time medication for depression, stress and anxiety.

How much is a gram of platinum Kush?

The Holistic Collective of Palm Springs (THC PS)

I Platinum Kush gram ⅛ oz
$18 $50

What strain is Platinum Kush breath?


How strong is Platinum Kush?

About this Indica Strain The parent strains of Platinum Kush are the hybrid OG Kush and an unknown landrace Afghani strain. Platinum Kush normally bares a THC level between 16-18%. Its high is known to be felt immediately after consumption, numbing the body into a mellow relaxation.

Is Northern Lights a strong strain?

Like most of its Indica-based ancestors and descendants, Northern Lights is highly recommended for evening use and insomnia. It is one of the purest Indica strains around (95 pct. Indica, 5 pct. Sativa) which make it a highly sedative strain.