Where does EAZE operate?

Where does EAZE operate?


Do I tip EAZE drivers?

You may elect to “Tip” your Driver in cash or through the Eaze Platform where available. Other Fees. Additional fees and charges may apply to your orders as determined by Eaze, the Retailers, and/or third parties with whom you transact. The description of any such fees will be available at checkout.

Does EAZE only take cash?

If you do not agree to the policies, terms, and conditions herein, you may utilize another payment method for your Eaze order, such as cash. Unless otherwise defined, capitalized terms herein have the meaning set forth in the Agreement.

How do you pay with EAZE?

By selecting Card Present Payment on the Eaze Platform, by swiping or scanning your card in the Terminal, or by allowing the Driver to swipe or scan your card in the Reader you authorize the Payment Vendor to process the transaction via your payment card.

Is it illegal to smoke in a house with a child in California?

If you own the house, you can lawfully smoke within the residence. We did not find any limits on smoking marijuana in front of or near children at one’s own private home.

Where can you still smoke inside?

From New York to Beijing, where in the world can you still smoke in a bar?

  • New York. Surprisingly, some bars do still exist in New York where people can legally smoke indoors, thanks to the “cigar bars loophole”.
  • Las Vegas.
  • Copenhagen.
  • Amsterdam.
  • Vienna.
  • Prague.
  • Cairo.
  • Beijing.

Can you smoke in your car in California?

When it comes to smoking marijuana in a car, California law prohibits any type of marijuana consumption in a vehicle when it is in motion. If your car is parked, then you can smoke marijuana only if (1) your vehicle is parked on private property and (2) you are not going to be driving.

Is it illegal to smoke on the beach in California?

Thanks to the passage of Senate Bill 81 in October 2019, smoking and vaping is prohibited in most areas in California state parks and beaches. Following the installation of signage, people can be fined for leaving tobacco waste in state parks, unless disposed of in an appropriate waste receptacle.