What strain is Bluezzz?

What strain is Bluezzz?

Bluezzz is a specific phenotype of the Blues cultivar — itself thought to be a phenotype of Skunk #1 — bred by Washington-based Phat Panda. The top reported aromas of the Bluezzz strain are fermented berries, spices, and skunk. It is said to taste of citrus, berries, and spices.

Did James Franco hurt himself in Pineapple Express?

When James Franco smashes the bong over Danny McBride’s head, it was supposed to be a fake, breakaway bong so McBride could take part in the stunt. However, it was filled with some water, and when Franco actually smashed it, McBride was mildly hurt.

What does James Franco call his grandma in Pineapple Express?

Saul is a sweet kid who worries about his “bubbe” (i.e., grandma), and Franco, through his slurry daze, makes him an amusing hipster-autodidact — he knows just how to hit a five-dollar word like trifecta.

What kind of car does Dale Drive in Pineapple Express?

In #PineappleExpress, originally, Red killed Matheson with a Ford Fiesta, but Ford didn’t want their car involved in a movie murder so we had to change it to a Daewoo Lanos, which is ultimately much funnier I think.

Is that actually James Franco’s house in this is the end?

As most of the movie takes place in James Franco’s newly built house, the whole place is furnished with typically absurd pieces of art. Well, according to Business Insider, all of the paintings that can be seen dotted around the mansion were actually painted by Franco himself.

Who is Seth Rogen best friend?

Goldberg started his writing career joining the staff of Da Ali G Show for its 2004 season, along with his childhood friend and comedy partner Seth Rogen.

Are Jay and Seth Rogen really friends?

“With Seth and I, we’re as close as we can be given the fact that we live on opposite sides of the continent,” Jay said. In addition to the distance, Baruchel also said that while they are the same age, the two are in very different spots when it comes to their lives.