What strain is blueberry bubble?

What strain is blueberry bubble?

Bubbleberry is a treat for all cannabis consumers. Combining the sweet, floral taste and aroma of Bubble Gum with the all-star fruity skunkiness of Blueberry, this strain has depth while remaining immensely palatable.

What strain is similar to blueberry?

Similar Strains

  • Cookie Monster. (1. )
  • Monster Cookies. (6. Reviews. )
  • Sour Kush. (2. Reviews. )
  • OG Kush. (27. Reviews. )
  • Grape Ape. (9. Reviews. )

How tall does blueberry strain grow?

around 50 to 100cm

Can you grow Autoflowers in 1 gallon pots?

Usually autoflower marijuana plants don’t grow more than 18 inches (45cm) in height and they usually are ready to harvest in less than two months. I, myself, have grow autoflowers in 4 inch (10.16 cm) pots, 1 gallon (3.7 l) and 3 gallon (11.3 l) pot and in fact the 3 gallon pots did the best!

Do Autoflowers need direct sunlight?

Your marijuana plant should ideally be in a sunny place because it needs a minimum number of hours of sunlight in order to produce flowers with a certain level of quality. If your automatic varieties are exposed to sunlight for fewer than four hours, it will be very hard to get good results.

How many Autoflower plants can fit in a 4×4 tent?

Unless you don’t have a strain that can’t be grown as ScrOG, you can expect to grow 1.5lb to 2lb dry. In the ScrOG method, you can grow 2 plants in a 4×4 space.

What size LED light for 4×4 grow tent?

For a 4×4 tent, you should have a grow light having an actual wattage range of 500-600 watts (assuming flowering plants which require a lot of light and are congregated in a single area.

What size grow tent do I need for 4 plants?


What size pots for 3×3 grow tent?

3 gallon

How much is 3 gallons in 3×3?

Well-Known Member. 4 3 gallon in a 3×3 is perfect.

What size LED light for 3×3 grow tent?

You should shoot for 350 watts in a 3×3 tent. I would avoid amazon led lights. They are low priced and low quality, or in some cases high priced and low quality. 700 is going to be tough if you are looking for a light ready to go.

What size light for 3×3 grow tent?

The smallest number of watts needed to grow cannabis in a 3×3 foot grow tent is 40 watts per plant, although the best grow lights use at least 200 watts for the whole tent.