What did Jake Blues go to jail for?

What did Jake Blues go to jail for?

Joliet Prison : Jake is released from Joliet after serving three years of a five year sentence for attempting to rob a gas station. He did it to get money to pay the band.

Did Robert Johnson ever go to Chicago?

There is no evidence, it should be noted, that Johnson ever visited Chicago during his 27 years of life. He occasionally traveled, loosely following the African-American exodus from Mississippi to cities such as St. Louis and Detroit, historians say.

Is Sweet Home Chicago a 12 bar blues?

Sweet Home Chicago Riff Structure Sweet Home Chicago is a 12 bar blues in the key of E. When playing the riff in the intro, play it in bars 1, 3 and 5 of the progression as seen on the chart below. When the lyrics come in and the verse starts only play the riff between the vocals in bars 3, and 7.

Who originally did Sweet Home Chicago?

Robert Johnson

What’s the tempo of Sweet Home Chicago?

112 Beats Per Minute

What key is Sweet Home Chicago?

E major

How many beats are in each bar of Sweet Home Chicago?

Sweet Home Chicago is asong byRobert Johnsonwith a tempo of100 BPM.It can also be used double-time at 200 BPM. The track runs2 minutes and 58 secondslong with aEkey and amajormode. It haslow energyand isvery danceablewith a time signature of4 beats per bar.

What is the meaning of Sweet Home Chicago?

The song Sweet Home Chicago is a classic twelve-bar blues song. It refers to a journey far from the South, and in a later verse introduces a counting rhyme. Oh baby don’t you want to go (2x) Back to the land of California.

What instruments are used in Sweet Home Chicago?

They say about the song that: “Over the years the song has become one of the most popular anthems for the city of Chicago despite ambiguity in Johnson’s original lyrics.” Instruments used in the song: drums, two electric guitars, bass guitar, double keys and grand piano.

What genre is Sweet Home Chicago?


Is Sweet Home Chicago public domain?

Actually Sweet Home Chicago, often credited as a PD song, may not be. And Mojo Working is “not in the public domain. And we pay a lot of royalties for it,” laughs Bob DePugh, director of licensing for Chicago’s Alligator Records.

What is the best guitar tuning for Blues?

Open D is another major chord tuning and another popular choice among Delta blues guitarists. This tuning was also a favorite of Bob Dylan, who used it to great effect in songs like “Oxford Town” and “A Simple Twist of Fate.” Although, since his capo was placed on the second fret in “Fate,” it’s technically in Open E.

What tuning is used for blues?

Another tuning commonly used in acoustic blues is called dropped-D: simply lower the sixth string in standard tuning from E to D (a whole step) and play in the key of D. Examples of its use can be found in the playing of Tommy Johnson (“Canned Heat”), Willie McTell (“Statesboro Blues”), and Lonnie Johnson.

Did Robert Johnson use open G tuning?

Johnson employed open G tuning (low to high, D G D G B D: see FIGURE 3) for tunes such as Crossroad Blues, Walkin’ Blues and Come on in My Kitchen. He utilized specific chord voicings designed to work with open tunings, as shown in FIGURE 4, akin to Stones in My Passway.

Did Robert Johnson use a pick?

Johnson played his Gibson L-1 using a thumb pick and occasionally used a slide. His recordings were largely unknown until they were rereleased in 1961. Another key component of Johnson’s style was his use of a slide.

Did Robert Johnson have a 7 string guitar?

Son House, who lived to become a celebrated figure on the sixties folk scene, recalled seeing Johnson with a seven-string guitar that he’d rigged up himself. While no audio recording or photographic evidence of this instrument exists, all eyewitness accounts of Johnson concur on his keen musical prowess.

What songs are in open D tuning?

Here are some popular songs in Open D tuning:

  • The Gardener by The Tallest Man on Earth.
  • The Cave by Mumford & Sons.
  • Even Flow by Pearl Jam.
  • Thunder by Boys Like Girls.
  • Dust My Broom by Elmore James.
  • Re:Stacks by Bon Iver.
  • Street Fighting Man by The Rolling Stones.
  • Sometimes by My Bloody Valentine.

What tuning is Dadgad?

D A D G A D, or Celtic tuning is an alternative guitar tuning most associated with Celtic music, though it has also found use in rock, folk, metal and several other genres. Instead of the standard tuning (E2 A2 D3 G3 B3 E4 ) the six guitar strings are tuned, from low to high, D2 A2 D3 G3 A3 D4 .