Is Malana safe?

Is Malana safe?

Yes, tourists can still visit Malana, like I did a couple of days ago. But what they can’t do is to stay overnight. So, you must start early, visit the village, and come back before it is dark. I am not sure if there is going to be a complete ban on visiting the village but as of now it is possible.

Is Malana closed?

As of 2017, Malana has been officially closed for tourists. The government of Himachal also took strict steps to restrict the sale of cannabis in the area.

Can we go to Malana by car?

Reaching Malana / Jari by Road. The total driving distance from Delhi to Jari Village or Malana is 517 km. It will take you a driving time of 12-13 hours. After crossing Chandigarh and entering the hills, you’ll be driving next to Beas river for a dominant part of your journey.

Is Malana worth visiting?

Regarded as the Hashish Capital of Himachal, Malana is a secluded society amidst nature and all its bounties. It is a perfect place to catch a break from the monotony of city life as if enjoying some good times far from the maddening crowd of the urban lifestyle.

How can I tell if my Malana cream is real?


  1. Colour. This cream is totally black in color.
  2. Texture. It is soft and shiny in texture because of high oil content.
  3. Smell. It has a pepperminty odor with a burnt charcoal smell.
  4. Taste. As the smell suggests it is quite minty and charred.
  5. Oil Content.

Is Malana cream available in Manali?

Kullu-Manali attracts over 35 lakh domestic and foreigner tourists annually and not all are fascinated by the mountains, glaciers and rivers of the valley – some of them visit the Himalayan valley in search of “Malana Cream”, the world’s best charas.

How can you tell fake charas?

Carefully break it just behind the burning part while not trying to get yourself burnt. Rub it between fingers or on palm. If it leaves completely black residue means it is spiked, if the residue is of the same color as the color of charas but a shade darker then it is non-spiked.

Where is hash in Tosh?

Parvati valley is famous of its charas which is hand rub version of hashish. Malana is a small village along this valley which is worldwide famouse for its malana creme hash. Deep down the valley is Tosh village last village which is connected by road.

Is it safe to go to kasol now?

Thrillophilia recommends you follow all guidelines and safety measures issued by the government and practice personal hygiene to keep yourself safe. Tourists will have to present a negative RT-PCR test report to enter the borders of Himachal Pradesh/Kasol. Kasol’s district borders have been reopened.

Which is the best hash in the world?

Malana Cream

What is Tosh ball?

Charas, the highest quality Hash or the Indian version of Hash is available in two types namely, Malana Cream and Kerala Gold. These are known to be the most expensive Marijuana Resin in the world. Malana Cream. Malana Cream originates from the ancient village of Malana in Parvati Valley, India.

Is there snowfall in Tosh?

Best time to visit Tosh Tosh is beautiful in every season. Though you may not be able to hike or trek at this time, the winter season has its own charm with heavy snowfall in and around Tosh; making it a perfect white wonderland.

Why kasol is called as Mini Israel?

Kasol is the Himalayan hotspot for backpackers and acts as a base for nearby treks to Malana and Kheerganga. It is called Mini Israel of India due to a high percentage of Israeli tourists here.

How do you get to Malana?

The easiest and shortest way to reach Malana is from the village Jari connected to Kullu valley. It is an easy and picturesque walk of six hours to Malana, which is only 12 km from here. Beautiful waterfalls and the Malana nallah stream are an incentive. The nearest Airport is at Buntar, 13 km away from Jari.

Is Malana trek difficult?

The Village guarded by towering peaks is certainly not easy to climb and one has to complete the Malana Trek after traversing the Malana Nallah that flows right across the Parvati Valley. The 5 km trek from Malana Taxi stand to the village tucked at 10000 feet is one of the engrossing day treks you would ever take.

Is Malana India safe for tourists?

Travellers were allowed to stay in Malana village up till recently. However, now travellers have been forbidden to stay in Malana Village as per the decree of Jamlu Devta.

How long does it take to visit Malana?

6 to 7 hours

Is Malana open in January?

During the winter season, if there was a lot of snow, the road even till the Malana gate may become impossible to drive on. Whether you can reach the village at this time too depends on the snow. Last but not the least, there is no place to stay overnight in the village.

How do I get to Malana by train?

The Joginder Nagar Railway Station is the nearest railhead, located at a distance of 125 km from Malana. It is directly linked to the Chandigarh railhead, which is connected to the major cities of India. Travellers can rent cabs and taxis from outside to reach Malana comfortably.

How do I get to Tosh?

To get here the best way is by bus and you can take a bus to Manali and get off at Bhuntar that is about 50 kilometers before Manali. From here, you can take an HRTC bus to Barshaini. Now trek up to Tosh as it is barely any distance and is one of the most scenic and gorgeous treks you will come across.

How is Tosh Trek?

Tosh Trek is one of the best treks anyone can find in Himachal. It is most visited spot after Kasol because of its straightforwardness to trek and better transport office till Tosh Nala. Tosh town is at division of 40km from Kasol. Barshaini to Tosh trekking partition is around 4km.

Can we reach Tosh by car?

Roads from Manikaran to Tosh are in very very bad condition. Vehicles do reach till the end but it entirely depends on your driving skills.

Why is Tosh famous?

Famed for its hippie culture, Tosh draws tourists from all over the map and is well-suited for solo as well as group excursions. Located at an elevation of 2,400 m, this place is always a part of every traveller’s bucket list from both near and far, making it a frequent tourist destination.

Is Tosh the last village?

Tosh, Himachal – The Last Hippie Village in Parvati valley.

How long is Tosh Trek?

about 2.5 km

Is Tosh a trek?

Tosh Trek is one of the simple treks anyone can find in Himachal. It is most visited the place after Kasol because of its ease to trek and better transport facility till Tosh Nala. Tosh village is at distance of 40km from Kasol. And from Barshaini to Tosh trekking distance is around 4km.

Tosh Balls. Tosh balls is pretty normal hash it’s the hash which is given in the form of balls which is pretty good. According to me it would be better for you to stay in tosh which is really beautiful and the red ice is amazing.

Is there network in Malana?

Mobile Network in Malana In terms of Internet and data connectivity, apart from Jio 4G, none of the other networks work near the Malana area.

Which Sim is best in Kasol?

BSNL & Vodafone These two work best there. Jio works fine in almost every major tourist destinations like Kasol, Manali, Dharamshala, McleodGanj,Bir Billing, Dalhousie, Jibhi,Kullu etc.

Is network available in grahan village?

Situated at an altitude of around 7500 feet is home to no more than 300 villagers and about 30-40 houses. The only way to reach the village is by a small hike starting from Kasol and has no mobile network or ATM.

How can we reach grahan?

Detailed information to reach Grahan Village- I took a bus from Delhi to Bhuntar (Volvo) which costed my 950 Rs. Further to reach Kasol I took a local bus from Bhuntar bus station (50Rs). From Kasol as you cross the main bridge you will see a trail going towards your left which is the one for Grahan.

Is there network in Tosh?

Mobile Network in Tosh Village Airtel, Vodafone works intermittently in Tosh, while Jio 4g works perfectly in Tosh.

How do I get to grahan village?

After crossing the makeshift bridge across the stream, the trail goes deep in the forest to directly reach Grahan Village. In the jungle, there are signboards and arrows that appear every 10 minutes indicating the path to Grahan village so that hikers and trekkers don’t get lost.

How far is tosh from Kasol?

21 KM

How do I plan a Kheerganga Trek?

The distance between Kasol and Kheerganga is approximately 22 km and it is easily accessible. To reach out to Kasol you will have to take a local transport bus from Bhuntar to Barshaini that is the base point for Kheerganga trek. From here you will have to trek for about 4-5 hours to reach up to Kasol.

Which is better kasol or Kasauli?

While Kasol is more peaceful, Kasauli is rather crowded with lots of options for nightlife and shopping. While Kasol is more of an adventurous town famous for the Kheerganga trek, Kasauli is more of a scenic hill station with lots of tourist attractions for couples and families.