Is Clementine a real name?

Is Clementine a real name?

Clémentine or Clementine is a feminine given name (derivative of Clement). Notable people with the name include: Princess Clémentine of Belgium (1872–1955)

What is Clementine’s birthday?

5th of November

What race is Clementine?

What ethnicity is Clementine from the Telltale Walking Dead series? Clementine is supposed to be pure “African-American”. Since in the first season she was attached to Lee and often was confused Lee being her father. Her skin was dark in first season.

Can Tripp survive?

Tripp is a main character who first appears in Telltale Games’ The Walking Dead: Season Three. He was the perimeter leader of the Prescott community prior to its destruction, and the result of his work was a community that worked together to survive.

Is it better to kill Ava or Tripp?

Your attempt to save the man will fail – Joan will kill him on the spot as a punishment for your meddling. The man won’t survive, but Ava will be let go. Save Ava – Similarly as in the case above – Ava will be promptly shot, while Tripp will be let go.

Does Kate die in the explosion?

If Clementine and Javier went to get Gabriel and David, Kate will successfully seal the gap from the hole of the crash, but gets bitten in the process. She later dies from blood loss due to her wound and then reanimates into a walker.

How old is Alvin Junior?

Alvin Jr.
Age Newborn(Season 2) 2(Season 3) 5-6(Season 4)
Family Mother – Rebecca (Deceased) Possible Father – William Carver (Deceased) Possible Father – Alvin (Deceased) Surrogate mother – Clementine
First Appearance “Amid The Ruins”
Last Appearance “Take Us Back”

Who is Alvin Jr dad?

He is the son of Rebecca and possibly, Alvin or Carver.

Does Alvin Jr die in The Walking Dead?

He may be thought to be dead and appear later on being taken care of by another person. AJ is probably alive and will appear in episode 5, with someone looking after him.

Does Clementine ever find her parents?

Diana is Clementine’s mother. Clementine was saddened when she discovered that her parents were walkers. Years after Diana’s death, Louis asks Clementine if she ever had to kill someone she loved. Then Clementine mentions Lee.

Are Clementine’s parents black?

Today at Comic Con, Kevin Bruner stated that in Clementine’s backstory, one of her parents are African-American and one of her parents are Asian. He did not say what kind of Asian or which parent is which though.

Does Lee kill clementines mom?

During the confrontation with Jolene in the woods, Lee can choose to shoot her or not, the latter of which resulting in her being shot by Danny.

Why did telltale shut down?

Telltale Games was shut down a few months ago due to mismanagement. LCG Entertainment bought the assets and is reviving the studio. The new team will be led by industry veterans Jamie Ottilie and Brian Waddle. New games like The Wolf Among Us have been promised.

Why did Clementine not go back to Richmond?

Clementine mentions in Season 4 that she can’t go back to Richmond because the path between McCarroll Ranch and Richmond is overrun with zombies and unsafe, plus possibly because most of the state is a war zone.