Do indicas or sativas yield more?

Do indicas or sativas yield more?

Since vegetation periods are so long, sativas typically produce a much higher yield than indica strains at about 3 ounces to 1 pound per plant. Because sativas are so large and accustomed to warm climates, these plants produce the best when they’re grown outside.

Does sativa grow tall?

Growth and Physical Characteristics Sativa plants can grow up to 20 feet tall. Many growers like to mix the plants, creating hybrids to tame the height.

What temp do indicas like?

Like sativa seeds, indica seeds require a warm temperature to germinate (approximately 71 to 75F or 22 to 25C).

Can you top a plant too late?

It is ok to top now. You might want to wait two weeks after topping to go 12/12.

Is Fimming better than topping?

Secondary shoots are juiced with the growth hormone that previously would have been used to develop the main stem. However, most growers report that fimming is slightly less effective at reducing stretching than topping. A fimmed cannabis plant can still grow rather tall, albeit with far more top colas.

Where can I top a clone?

With a clone, try to top near the tip where you have two nodes close together, then let those grow out a bit.

Do clones yield more than seeds?

A plant grown from seed is capable of yielding more than a cloned offspring. Most plants grown from seed naturally produce a tap root, whereas plants grown from clones are unable to do so. Growing from seed also lessens your chances of inheriting any pests or diseases from a cutting. Seeds do have their cons however.

Can you cut clones from clones?

Cannabis clones are cuttings taken from a healthy female—called a mother plant—that has been grown from seed or is itself a clone. So cuttings can be taken from clones, or clones of clones, ad infinitum. After a cutting of a growing branch is taken, it’s ideally dipped in a hormone medium and then roots out.

When should I prune my clones?

You’ll need to prune at least 15 days before you switch your plants to the growing period or before summer begins for outdoor crops. You need to prune during the growth period every time, or else the start of the flowering period may be compromised.

Should you remove fan leaves during veg?

As in veg, you should still be removing any leaves that are laying on top of each other, and focus on removing those lower leaves (only bigger fan leaves) on the plant if possible. You especially want to remove any big fan leaves near the top that are hiding buds from the light.

How long should I veg for best yield?

approximately 60 days

Is it OK to cut off fan leaves?

Do not trim fan leaves during veg either, unless they turn yellow. The first real pruning starts when going into 12/12 (Jeast, 03.13. 2002). When trimming and pruning, I try to ensure that I do not cause the plant to ‘bleed’.

How late in flower can you defoliate?

Defoliation should usually stop around a few weeks before harvest. Towards the end of the flowering stage, the plant will naturally begin to shed excess leaves to focus energy on the flowers. Too much defoliation during this stage could lead to a plant without enough leaves to properly support itself.

How long should I keep my plant in the dark before harvest?

24-72 hours

Should I leave my plant in the dark before harvest?

Using darkness to prepare your plant for harvest primarily does this: The plant at lights on transports stored nutrients (salts) to the canopy for use by the plant during photosynthesis. At lights out the plant transports most of those same salts (and any sugars produced) back to the roots to prepare for the next day.

What do trichomes look like when they’re ready?

The head of a trichome starts filled with clear liquid. Over time it turns milky white and then amber. When most trichomes are milky-white and a few are amber, the plant is ready to harvest.

Why won’t my trichomes turn amber?

Now: The trichomes do not look much more amber than a week ago. The So-Call weather is cooler. It IS cooler weather, less sun, and their aroma and stickiness is down. It could all be a function of the weather and the plant is just marching along just fine.