What was Banners secret?

What was Banners secret?

Originally Answered: What did Bruce Banner mean when he said his secret was that he was always angry? Banner is normal when he is not angry, but hulks up when he gets angry. So the only way he can control is when he gets used to that anger or more precisely his anger becomes his coolness or his normal attitude.

How does Bruce Banner keep calm?

Throughout the movie, various individuals had asked Banner how he managed to stay calm. Stark even poked him with a mild electric charge once, looking for a reaction. They were assuming that even the smallest display of anger would release the Hulk and that Banner somehow managed to repress his anger entirely.

Does banner remember being Hulk?

Since Age of Ultron, he was Hulk for two years, and the consciousness that belongs to Banner was suppressed to an extent that he felt like he was locked in the trunk of a car. Hence Banner has no memory of his time as Hulk in Sakaar.

Who is the Hulk’s dad?

Brian Banner

Did Bruce Banners Dad Experiment him?

David Banner was a genetics researcher who, in his quest to improve on humanity, experimented on himself; after his wife, Edith Banner, gave birth to Bruce, David, seeing that Bruce was not normal, barely showing emotion and gaining patches of green skin when he did, felt that he was responsible, realizing that his …

Who is Hulk’s wife?

Betty Ross

How did Hulk kill his dad?

yes, the hulk’s dad at the end was a little strange. basically the military used some sort of huge nuclear device on him and he died.

Why did David Banner kill his son?

David wanted to kill Bruce when he was a baby but his mother wouldn’t let him and in a scuffle, the mother fell on the knife David was about to stab little Bruce with. …

What happens to Bruce Banners parents?

Brian killed Bruce’s mother in front of him, and was put into a mental institution for 15 years, Initially he tried to cover it up. But was found out. He was eventually released to the older Bruce’s care seemingly cured, but of course immediately turned into an abuser again.

Why did David Banner kill Bruce?

To that end, David believed that he was the one who was responsible for the creation of the Hulk because he is Bruce’s father, and believed that if he wants to kill him, he must obtain his energy.

Is the Absorbing Man hulks dad?

In film. For the 2003 film Hulk, the Absorbing Man was incorporated with the character David Banner (Brian Banner in the comics), the biological father of Bruce Banner.

Why can’t Bruce Banner have babies?

Banner can never have a baby who will be a human . He does not even have love interests now and i hope he doesn’t bang the she-hulk . To have children , he’ll have to find someone as powerful as him or more powerful than him or probably an alien. Banner wants his own child , that’s why he doesn’t adopts children .

Who are hulks parents?

Brian Banner

Who killed Hulk’s mom?

11 SKAAR WAS BORN AFTER HIS MOTHER DIED When World War Hulk began, fans saw that an explosion on Sakaar killed Hulk’s pregnant wife, sending him to Earth in a rage to gain vengeance on those he believed were responsible.

How many hulks are there?

5 Hulks

What’s Hulk’s strongest form?

12 Most Powerful Incarnations Of The Hulk, Ranked

  1. Immortal Hulk. Based on Bruce Banner’s hatred and contempt, the Immortal Hulk emerged when a demonic monster took over Banner’s mind.
  2. World Breaker Hulk. Remember Green Scar from Sakaar?
  3. Maestro.
  4. Ultimate Hulk.
  5. Kluh.
  6. Doc Green.
  7. The Incredible Hulk.
  8. Green Scar.