How do you play the smoke game?

How do you play the smoke game?

When you’re smoking in a group, one person says ‘Chicago’ and every member of the group agrees to begin the game. Once you take your hit, hold it in until the joint comes back to you after everyone in the group has taken a smoke. Then, you exhale and immediately have another hit.

What is a smoking game?

The game is simple, really. All the players sit in a circle and inhale a puff of smoke. Then, they hold their breath and pass the joint on their left. You need to hold your breath until the joint gets passed back to you.

What is the Puff Puff Pass game?

Puff Puff Pass is the stoner game that you’ve been needing to elevate your next smoke sesh. Perfect for stoners who love hilariously high conversations about funny videos, insane would you rathers, fun facts, and more… 110 Cards.

What is Puff Puff Pass?

“Puff puff pass” is a common slang phrase used in multiple ways in the cannabis industry. While the term puff puff pass most typically describes the action of puffing a marijuana cigarette two times and passing it on to the next person, there is also a marijuana game called puff puff pass.

What is puff puff give from?

interjection. of a marijuana smoking device, to inhale, inhale again, and then pass it on to the next smoker. Don’t hog it, man. Puff, puff, give. See more words with the same meaning: to smoke marijuana.

Can I smoke out of a glass bottle?

It has a much higher melting point and is resistant to thermal shock which means placing ice water in your piece and then smoking out of it right away won’t shatter the glass. Glass can been easily cleaned. Taste, if you have ever had a can of your favorite beer compare it to a glass bottle of that same beer.

How do you make a bong puff?

Pull the stem out of the hole and inhale until the smoke has exited the bong and entered your lungs. If you feel like you cannot finish it, no worries. You can take two inhales if you want, but the second one might taste a little stale. You’re doing great!