How do I send something as a gift on Amazon?

How do I send something as a gift on Amazon?

To send an order as a gift: Select Add to Cart on the product detail page. Check the This order contains a gift box….Send a Gift

  1. Hide prices on the packing slip for this purchase will be automatically selected.
  2. Include a free personalized message.
  3. Gift wrap the item.
  4. Email the recipient a gift receipt after delivery.

How do I buy something on someone’s Amazon wish list?

Once you’ve opened someone’s List, you can browse and purchase anything on the List….Purchase from a List

  1. Browse the List.
  2. From the list page or the product detail page, select Add to Cart.
  3. Continue shopping or proceed to checkout.

What is an Amazon gift receipt?

You can send a gift receipt to a gift recipient to allow them to return items. On the Choose gift options page, select This item is a gift and Email recipient a digital copy of their gift receipt after the gift is delivered.

Can you return a gift on Amazon?

The Returns Center allows gift recipients to return items marked as a gift at the time of purchase. The type of refund or credit you receive depends on how the gift was purchased and how it’s returned. Gift recipients won’t be eligible for exchanges or instant refunds.

How do I send a thank you on Amazon?

Go to Thank You List & Returns. To manage your list, find the person for whom you’ve written a note. On a mobile device, you need to select the item. Check the Thank you note sent box.

How do I order multiple items in one package on Amazon?

Once you find the item you’re looking for, click Add to Cart on any item’s product details page. If you wish to add more than one item to your order, enter a new search term in the search box or click the tab to return to our home page. Click here for more information about using the shopping cart.

Does Amazon deliver all items together?

Group my items into as few deliveries as possible For example, if you order one item marked as “Usually ships within 2 to 3 days” and another marked “Special Order: usually ships within 4 to 6 weeks”, we’ll ship both the items together when the special order item becomes available.