How dark does drying room need to be?

How dark does drying room need to be?

Light or Dark? The drying room should be a cool and dark place, that should not have any light entering or hitting the buds. Your plants should be in a cool place and in completely darkness when drying.

Are small buds less potent?

Some strains like GSC grow a huge amount of smaller buds on the tops of the cannabis plant. In terms of difference, they have smaller trichome production and it might take a while to get you stoned. The truth is, there’s no big difference in terms of potency.

How do you start a perpetual plant?

3a.) Start Perpetual Harvest

  1. Get seeds or clones of a strain with an approximate 8-week flowering period.
  2. Plant/clone first plant and let it vegetate for a total of 8 weeks in the vegetative tent/area.
  3. At week 8, move plant(s) to flowering tent and start new seeds/clones on the same day.

How long can a mother plant live?

Some plants live for only one season, while others progress through their life cycle, year after year, with dormant periods between these cycles. A well-kept mother plant can potentially live for years, continually producing new branches that can be cut and grown into clones.

How long should I veg clones?

approximately 60 days

Are seeds better than clones?

A plant grown from seed is capable of yielding more than a cloned offspring. Most plants grown from seed naturally produce a tap root, whereas plants grown from clones are unable to do so. Growing from seed also lessens your chances of inheriting any pests or diseases from a cutting.

Do clones flower faster than seeds?

the flower time is pre determined like lil rasta said but you will notice the clones will go into flower faster than the original mother they came from, as they are older (genetically) than the mother. 5 weeks, from seed is not that long for the plant to mature and ready itself for flower.

Can you clone without rooting gel?

you can also clone in soil without gel or powder but id advise the scraping with this technique.

How many clones can I take from one plant?

When Can You Take Clones From a Cannabis Mother Plant? You can start taking clones from a healthy mother plant roughly two weeks into its vegetative cycle. While the plant is young, we recommend only taking 2–3 clones at a time. As the plant grows larger, you can gradually start taking more cuttings from it every time.

Do clones lose potency?

Cannabis clones are cuttings taken from a healthy female—called a mother plant—that has been grown from seed or is itself a clone. However, there are murmurs among seasoned growers that clones lose potency over time.